Westpoint WF-5142 – Deluxe Room Heater


Why worry about winters when you have Westpoint! Bring WF-5142 to your home and give yourself maximum protection against cold. Westpoint takes pride in being a consumer friendly brand and this fan heater is not an exception to this motto. Not only this heater warms your rooms in quick time, it is very cost efficient and uses minimal amount of energy. Its multi color stylish designing is pleasing on the eyes and you can set it up at any spot in the room. So get WF-5142 and enjoy warm winters thanks to Westpoint.


Product details of Westpoint WF-5142 – Deluxe Room Heater

  • 2 Years Official warranty
  • Important Feature: Energy Saving
  • Type: Fan heater
  • Color: Silver
  • Model: WF-5142


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